Shake it up!


Shake, shake, shake – shake, shake, shake – shake your toner!  It’s true, if you shake your toner you will get a little more life out of it.  Now, it really is better to have a back up on hand at all times, but this little trick will get you through if you’re desperate.  And who among us hasn’t been?  Like the gas in your car, who doesn’t try to go just a little further on what’s already in the tank?  That little light goes on and you try and figure out exactly how much gas is left and exactly how far you can go before coming. To. A. Complete. Stop…and then you have no choice, call AAA and wait for them to come and rescue you or, call a friend to come and rescue you or, walk yourself to the nearest gas station, hope they can give you that little plastic container that holds the smallest amount of gas possible, walk back to your car, fill it with that tiny amount of gas, drive back to the gas station, return their container and fill the tank up completely.  All the while asking yourself, why didn’t I just stop for gas days ago???  So, shake that toner and give us a call so you can have your replacement toner tomorrow! 


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