Are pens a thing of the past?

pens and pencils and markers oh myAre pens and pencils a thing of the past? Does anyone actually write anymore? And by write, I mean a letter or a thank you note. Do we want the written word, the old fashioned written word, to never be heard from again? I love to write, I’ve written a book; I’m a published author, I keep a journal and I do still send the occasional thank you note. There is something very satisfying about putting pen to paper and letting your words flow. Yes, I know that an email can convey the same info. and texting is great for quick, on the run messages, but writing, taking the time to find some nice paper (and a special pen or marker) and actually sitting down and creating a letter that someone can pick up and read over and over again, is an art that should not be lost to the ages. Who doesn’t like to receive something in the mail? Yes, snail mail! I love to open an envelope and see what’s inside. I love the different kinds of cards and invitations that come my way (not as often as they used to that’s for sure). And isn’t that easier than always having to go back into your email to find the info you need cuz you forgot to print it out when it arrived? Let’s not give everything up to technology! PS: The irony of writing this blog is not lost on me, but given the choice, I’d send an old fashioned note any day.

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