Can It.

Canned Air – doesn’t that sound like the craziest thing ever?  Sort of like “bottled water” and we know how great that is!   Do you ever eat at your desk?  Breakfast?  Lunch?  Dinner?  The occasional snack??  Well I do and I can tell you that half my food never makes it to my mouth.  So where is it?  I need simply look down and there  they are, remnants of some very fine meals, all over my keyboard, on top of my keyboard, inside of my keyboard. And there is no way to get that stuff out…yes, you can pick it up, turn in upside down and shake and shake and shake but does that even work?  Look down and you’ll see that it doesn’t.  So what does???  Canned air, an incredible invention and so simple really.  You hold the can over the keyboard, spray, and watch months worth of stuff go flying – that’s it!!!  Yes, it’s gross but it really works!!  And the best part is, my keyboard has never looked better, that is until I eat my next meal!   


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